Wednesday, 23 May 2018

'What Do We Treasure' Writing

Yesterday Mrs Ray opened her treasure chest and shared what she treasured the most, her family, her job, books, animals, her culture, nature, and her health. We then wrote about what we treasure the most. 

I treasure my nanny and my cat because it is fluffy. I treasure my dolls because they are fun to play with and my balloons. And I treasure my book with my nanny. My nana reads my book to me. It was funny to read. I laughed at my book.

I treasure my family because they love me. They say nice words to me.

I treasure lol dolls because I have lots.

I like the kid's I treasure my family.

I treasure my family. I treasure my brother's.

I like the treasure. It was a fun puppet.

My treasure my guinea pigs in my family. I love my mum and dad and my sister's.

I treasure my mum because she is nice to me I love my mum.

I treasure my toys. I also treasure my family because they are fun. I treasure every one.

I treasure my rainbow and I treasure my toys. My best toy is my cat.

In the weekend I played sniper 10 on my iPad. I had 2 snipers in one in Kay gun. When your names are green you're the high score point. So when my name is green I was the high score point. I played it with my dad. I felt happy.

I treasure my family in my family are super special to me. I treasure my nana too. I love my nana so much.

I treasure my costumes because I wear my costumes all day. I like playing with my puppet. The best treasure is my toys.

I treasure my cat Jasper because I love him so much. The most important thing I treasure is my family. I like the treasure box. I even treasure my family because they love me.

I treasure my teddy because it is fun. I also treasure my mum and dad and my sister.

I treasure my cat in a box. I treasure my family too my cat's they are cool. And I love my cat's. Puss puss and Sylvester are their names.

I treasure my family because they love me. They love me so much and I love them too. I treasure my jewelry and wearing my jewelry. It is fun.

I treasure my jewelry.

I treasure my books with my Mum and I treasure my grandma too. I treasure them lots. I like them.

I treasure books because I like books. I treasure my family animals and culture. I love my family. I treasure mum.

I treasure my brother because I like him.


I treasure my family. 

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