Monday, 29 August 2016

Cross Country....lots of photos warning!!

Today we had our cross country and we were so lucky to run in the sunshine.  We all ran our hearts out and made Mrs Ray so proud.  Here we are giving our best......

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Equal Shmequal

Today we began to grow what we already know about what equal means.  We read this cool story and stopped to talk about the maths we could see:

This is what we think equal means (we added to it as we read)....

We wonder what we will learn next about equal...

Grace and Caitlyn read about Brown bears today and created this cool facts poster to share with us....

Happy Birthday to Jack for Saturday~

Here we are on Daffodil day!
 Hana has been working hard on her English!....

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Space Centre Trip

Today we were lucky enough to visit the Te Awamutu Space Centre.

We went on a big bus with Room 19 and some great parent helpers.  
Dave is the owner of the Space Centre and we had a great session learning about lots of different things about space.  

Our favourite thing was learning about the International Space Station.  We watched part of this video about how the astronauts sleep in space! 

Here are some photos from today.  We had such a great time and recommend others visit too.

Dave teaching us:

Cool picture taken from the International Space Station over NZ:

We loved watching the LIVE view from the Space station as it orbits around Earth.... you can see it here.  And track it here.

Wow, what a great day!