Thursday, 27 October 2016

Spooks and Fairy Tales

There has been some pretty busy spiders at Pukete School lately!  Look at the library when we were there! Mrs Rose taught us how to put the books away on the shelves properly.

Even our classroom has had busy spiders! 

There has been a lot of Fairytale reading and writing going on....we even made these fabulous crowns!  


We began our inquiry into what are the different colour rubbish bins for in our classroom. We shared what we already new about recycling (Mrs Ray was impressed), and what we might like to find out.

We also played a sorting the rubbish game....we were very surprised how little rubbish was left over after all the recycling and re-using! 

Assembly Sharing and Athletics

Last week we had our turn at sharing at Friday's assembly.  We shared a dance 'Here Come's the Sun' and our spring plate poems.  Here are some photos...

We have also been practicing our athletics on Tuesday and Thursdays.  We loved the high jump and relays.....

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Beaka Comes To Visit

Mrs Ray brought her Rainbow Lorrikeet to school to spend a day with us.  We were fascinated and thought she was such a funny and noisy bird! 

Mrs Henderson Teaches Us Music

Every Wednesday this term Mrs Henderson comes to teach us about music.  We are currently learning about loud and soft music and here we are making our train:

Monday, 17 October 2016

Cindy's Party

Cindy’s Party
Cindy had a party. She invited 2 guests.
Her guests each invited 3 guests, and then those guests each invited 4 guests.
How many people were at Cindy’s party?

Explain how you worked it out.

This was our maths problem for the week and this is how we worked it out....
  Using blocks to work out the first guests.
Brainstorming parties (to grow our vocabulary)

We worked out that there would be 9 in the first 3 sets of guests (including Cindy).

The next day we used our knowledge of how to solve a problem to work out how many guests would be at the party in total (with all the guests now).  Some of us chose to use counters, number charts and or drew pictures.  Some of us wrote a number sentence to show how we worked it out.  
Mrs Ray was really proud how we could tell her how we got an answer, rather than just the answer.

Can you work it out?

Monday, 10 October 2016

Happy Birthday's & Welcome To Term 4!

Welcome back to Term 4!  We are once again very busy this term and are excited to get back into our learning in Room 2.  I have added the Term 4 Tui newsletter to here in case it did not make it home ;)

Over the holidays we had lots of girls turn 6.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them all!