At Pukete School, we use our virtues.  Here are the five key virtues we use the most of and are rewarded for using:

Here is what that looks like at Pukete School and our Matrix:
At Pukete School:


We care for ourselves, others, and our environment.

Use our
manners  with
everybody all the time.

Listen respectfully.

Look after school equipment and property.

Do as we are asked by adults.

Keep our hands and feet  to ourselves.

Be kind and gentle to everyone.

Move in and around the school respectfully.
Wait outside in the senior quad until the 8.30am bell rings.

Listen with our ears, eyes, and body.

Move quietly around the  classroom without disrupting the learning of others.

Use our inside voices
Go in and out of Te Manawa quietly.

Walk to and from Te Manawa quietly and respectfully.

Show that we are listening respectfully by folding our arms, sitting nicely and facing the front.

Sing our National Anthem and School Song with pride, and with our hands at our sides.
Use the toilets for the right thing.
Show others privacy by keeping our hands and eyes to ourselves.

Make sure to turn off the taps.
Go in and out of the office area quietly.

Use our best manners with office staff and visitors.

Go to the office only when we need to.

Speak in a clear voice.
Go in and out of the library quietly.

Read, play games and use the computers in the library quietly.

Walk in the library.
Walk to the eating area and sit in the correct place.

Take our rubbish home or put it in the bin.

Leave other people’s food alone.

Turn off water fountain taps.

Stay seated until we are released.

Walk around the school in a quiet and orderly way.

Look after our plants and gardens.

Go back to class as soon as the bell goes.

Make sure our games don’t interfere with others.


We do the right thing.
Be responsible for our actions and behaviour.

Be responsible for our own belongings.

Show responsibility for our learning.

Look after our own things by being tidy.

Be prepared and ready to learn by having our books and equipment ready.

Actively take part in the class programme.
Take part in assembly when it is our turn.

Be responsible by listening in assembly.
Keep the toilet clean:
Put our ‘wees’ in the toilet.

Flush the toilet

Wash our hands after using the toilet.

Put the paper towels in the bin.

Leave the toilets quickly and quietly.

Go to the office if we are late to school.

Go to the office if we are sick or hurt (ask a teacher first).
Leave the library and computer areas tidy.

Return books and equipment to the correct places.

Look after and care for books.

Bring library books back to school on time.

Follow the digital safety rules.
Use the correct rubbish bins.

Eat only our own food.
Finish eating before playing.

Wait for a teacher to let us go to play after eating.

Stay within the school boundaries.

Return equipment to where it belongs.


We keep trying.
Try to solve our own problems.
Do our best even when things get hard or tricky.

Realise our mistakes are okay, as they help us learn.

Ask for help when we need it.

‘Bounce back’ when things are difficult.
Follow classroom routines.

Break up hard learning tasks into small bites.

Give everything a go.

Play games that grow our brains. (eg. Board Games)
Try our best even if we are nervous.

Be patient and wait.
Read books as well as using the computers.

Use all of the library resources to help with our learning.
Stay positive and happy.
Use our W.I.T.S if there is a problem.

Take turns in games.


We give things a go.
Take risks and try new things.

Do the right thing even when it’s hard.

Speak up for ourselves and others.

Be honest.

Use our “W.I.T.S.” when a problem with others comes along.

Try new and challenging activities.

Try things we don’t yet know how to do.
Stand  up to share, present or receive awards with pride.
Tell an adult if others are not using the toilets respectfully.
Go to the office by ourselves if we are a senior.

Go to the office with one buddy if we are a junior.
Try reading different types of reading material.

Explore new books.

Ask an Active Supervisor if we need any help.
Ask if we want to join in and play with other children.

Support others to behave the ‘Pukete Way’.


We are kind and thoughtful.

Use positive words and actions.

Treat others how we would like to be treated.

Think about what we can do to help others.

Be a caring role model.

Notice others who need help.
Be kind and helpful to our classmates.

Share and look after equipment and resources.

Take turns when working with others.

Encourage others to do the right thing.

Give others an opportunity to have their say.
Show others we are proud and pleased with each other’s successes.
Get help from an adult when needed for ourself or others.
Take people to an Active Supervisor or the office if they are hurt or upset.

Look after our precious books, games, equipment and computers.
Sit with someone if they are by themselves.

Understand that we all eat different food.
Look out for and look after each other..

Make sure everyone has someone to play with.

Be open to learning new games from each other.

Here we are in Room 2 role playing soscenariosios that we would have to use our virtues for.....

 Respecting our buddies by looking and listening

Asking others for help before Mrs Ray when she is busy.....C3B4ME.

Raising a quiet hand to speak.

Caring for someone that is on their own and sad.

Being responsible for our schools and Room 2's belongings.

Being self-managers when we come late to school by going to the office and then doing our jobs responsibly. 

Putting rubbish that we find, in the bin.

Asking for help when you have forgotten your lunch.

Sharing our equipment in Room 2 is caring and respectful.

When we line up respectfully, we go to the back of the line with no sound and no touching others.

We use devices safely and respectfully at tables.
They are so many more too!

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