Term 4 2018 Kiwi Team Newsletter

October 15th 2018

Dear Parents/Caregivers of Rooms 18, 19, 20, and Room 21.

Welcome back to Pukete School for Term 4 and a warm welcome to anyone new to the school. We hope everyone has had a restful holiday. We are all well underway for another busy term ahead!  

Term 4 Themes and Events:
Our overall theme for Term 4 is Sustainability. We will be looking at the big question “What can we do to look after our environment?”
The Life Education Van will be at Pukete School for Weeks 2 and 3. The Life Education Programme educates and empowers children to make healthy choices so they can live full and healthy lives.
Thursday 29th November: Tui and Kiwi Fairy tale Dress up Day.
Thursday 6th December: Junior Athletics Day.
Wednesday 19th December: School Reports home.
Thursday 20th December: Last day of school year. We finish at 1:00pm.

Please take note of the following organisational information.

Bells:  Children can enter their rooms at 8.30 a.m. when the bag bell rings. Prior to this bell children must wait at the front of the school in the Senior Quad, even when accompanied by an adult.  Please help your child to be seated on the mat as soon as the bell goes, with their before school jobs already completed.   The day ends at 3.00 p.m. and we would appreciate all parents waiting outside the classroom until your child has been dismissed. All children who are late to school must call at the office to advise they have arrived, before they go to their class.

Hats:  Hats are compulsory in Term 4. Please send your child’s named school hat along every day.  It is often easier for children to leave their hat at school to save them forgetting it.  Children without hats are required to stay under the canopy at break times.  They are available from the school uniform shop for $12.

Fruit Break/Water:  A reminder that classes allow children to have a healthy snack early in the morning to help keep their energy up.  This must be either a fruit or a vegetable snack only thank you. In class children may only have water to drink. We recommend they have a water bottle so it is easy for them to remain hydrated, and to avoid the disruption of leaving the class to use the water fountain.

Book bags:  Book bags are used to keep our school books in good order, and without them we cannot send home reading.  Our school rule is – no book bag, no reading book.

School uniforms: The wearing of this is compulsory at Pukete School. This will be monitored daily and if need be, followed up with parents by our Deputy or Assistant Principal. Please make sure all items are clearly named. Please send a note if there has been a mishap, and a non-uniform item is being worn. Long sleeved singlets should not be worn under short sleeved polo shirts.

Sickness: Please let the office know if your child is going to be away by calling the office on 8494352 and leaving a message, or texting 02102062046. The Ministry of Education now requires us to record the reason your child is away, so it is helpful if you give the reason for the absence when leaving a message. If you need to pick your child up during the day they must be signed out at the office.

Library/Media Centre Days:

Room 18           Monday
Room 19           Wednesday       Library books should be returned every week so that your child can choose a
Room 20           Friday               new book.
Room 21           Tuesday

Reading to someone at home every night is essential practice for children.  There may occasionally be other tasks set, such as oral language or topic investigations.  These tasks are an important part of your child’s learning.

If you have any questions at any time about your child’s education, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to discuss this with their class teacher. You will find their email address at the bottom of the page.


Andrea Ray, Hilary Milne, Kimberley Tahere,  Nicole Hayhurst, Corneel van Blerk, Karen Howell


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