Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Monday, 13 November 2017

Changing States With A Balloon

As part of our inquiry into changing states, we looked at each state of matter: SOLID, Liquid, and G A S and what each meant. 

Then we filled in information about each that we found out:

Then Mrs Ray did an experiment with vinegar in a bottle and baking soda in an attached balloon. When the baking soda was mixed with the vinegar it made a reaction (fizzing) and this created Co2 gas that blew up the balloon! We wrote about it.

Yesterday we did an experiment with Mrs Ray. We did it was baking soda and vinegar and water. When we went to fill up the balloon with water it splashed out with water. It all fell on Mrs Ray and she was so wet. I thought it was going to pop. I thought it was going to get so so fat and then it will pop. When it popped everyone went “Ar ar! On no, what happened did it explode?”. I went “Oh no!”. I was by the mat but I still heard it. She put baking soda in a bottle of vinegar and it became gas. It looked like gas that was floating in the sky like a cloud. I also thought it was going to stay the same. I felt ‘boom’ because it splashed. Wow! I screamed and it was loud. I do not like that noise being so loud. 

Yesterday we did a balloon experiment. 1. Take the vinegar and balloon and pour it into the bottle. 2. Put the balloon on the bottle and clean up the bottle. Shake. 3. The balloon fills up gas in the bottle. 4.The balloon pops in too much water also air. 5. Gases rise up. 6. Also vinegar makes Co2 and it bubbled liquid into gas with baking soda. 7.Next we will put liquid into a solid.

Yesterday we did a balloon experiment. First we put the balloon on the vinegar bottle. We put baking soda in the vinegar and the balloon got big. Then Mrs Ray filled the balloon with water. It went pop. It went all over.

Then Mrs Ray tried to fill a balloon with water to freeze and turn into a solid but it EXPLODED and we laughed a lot!

Music With Mrs Henderson

Every Thursday we have Mrs Hannah visit our class and teach us some music. We love having her, especially when we get to use the instruments!