Monday, 17 October 2016

Cindy's Party

Cindy’s Party
Cindy had a party. She invited 2 guests.
Her guests each invited 3 guests, and then those guests each invited 4 guests.
How many people were at Cindy’s party?

Explain how you worked it out.

This was our maths problem for the week and this is how we worked it out....
  Using blocks to work out the first guests.
Brainstorming parties (to grow our vocabulary)

We worked out that there would be 9 in the first 3 sets of guests (including Cindy).

The next day we used our knowledge of how to solve a problem to work out how many guests would be at the party in total (with all the guests now).  Some of us chose to use counters, number charts and or drew pictures.  Some of us wrote a number sentence to show how we worked it out.  
Mrs Ray was really proud how we could tell her how we got an answer, rather than just the answer.

Can you work it out?

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