Monday, 25 July 2016

Welcome Back to Term 3

Hello!  I hope you had a lovely holiday spent with your darlings.
I have added this terms newsletter to the notices/reminders page in case it did not make it home ;) 

This term we have welcome Jacob from Australia to our class and also had the birthdays of Hana, Lucas, Tyler and Dakota!

We are so excited about our learning coming up this term. 

 We are learning all about the number 100 this week in maths.  Today we had to estimate what jar we thought had 100 in.......what do you think?

Most of the students guessed that C had 100 "because it is full to the top".

We counted them all as a class and were amazed when we found out the jar A had 100 in it!  We then did some tricky maths to figure out how many were in all three jars!  

Lastly we put objects into 10 groups of 10 because we learnt that 10x10 =100!  

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