Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Constable Jacob Visits Us-Kia Kaha

On Monday Constable Jacob came to talk to us about Kia Kaha, how to ask for help.  We got to do a role play to show if someone was being mean to us.  We were able to show Constable Jacob that we would go and ask for help, or tell on the person.  We also learnt that the police are there to help us and not to be scared of.  We were awarded a special badge that we got to make and wear for the day.

We learnt that we are all special in different ways and have many things that make us special like.....

"I was born in South Africa" Tyler
"I am a twin"  Malia
I am really good at drawing and I love it" Abby
"I am great at soccer" Lucas

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  1. That is super cool Room 2!! We love having special visitors in our classroom!